Was COVID Created by the CIA?

One of those narratives the GEC ordered media and social companies to crack down on was suggesting that COVID-19 was created by the US government in order to achieve total surveillance and control over the people. 

According to the leaks, the GEC also flagged accounts that described COVID-19 as an “engineered bioweapon,” blamed “research conducted at the Wuhan institute,” and attributed the “creation of the virus to the CIA.”

As it turns out, according to leaked military documents and new information we have access to today, many of these things appear to be true.

Leaked Top Secret Documents Suggest COVID Was Created by the CIA to Achieve a Total Surveillance State

New Zealand: A Beta Test for Governments Micromanaging the Populace?

New Zealand in particular has popped up time and time again over the past couple of years with some of the most draconian restrictions on the public, and sadly the trend has not stopped just because the pandemic lockdowns stopped. The island nation seems to be intent on setting the standard for authoritarian policies and government micromanagement, and a series of recent laws are driving home the reality that they do not intend to relent.

Is New Zealand A Beta Test For Western Governments Micromanaging The Populace?

Oppose the World Economic Forum

In short, it’s easy to caricature the WEF and Schwab as something akin to Ian Fleming’s fictious Spectre and its criminal-mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Yet the agenda now being pursued at settings such as Davos is sufficiently alarming that anyone who believes in preserving things like liberty, sovereignty, and the decentralisation of power should be concerned.

Davos Man should be put on notice: his Great Reset won’t go uncontested.

Why it isn’t mad to oppose the World Economic Forum